Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hawker Food

For any question you ever had about Thai street food but were afraid to ask...

The book was compiled in the early 90's by a couple of college students. The book has a rundown of all you need to know about Thai Hawker food. From what it is, where it is, and when it is.

Although I didn't use this book during the initial "Snack a Day" project, it has helped learn some new food names, as well as the names of some old favorites. Of course if I don't know what something is, my old rule of thumb is to say "What is that?" Or: "I want that!" It usually works well. Except for yesterday when I was at a shopping mall frequented by tourists. When I ordered a cup of green noodle drink I think the woman thought I was joking.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bah Jang

The Chinese New Year festivities have come and gone but the snacks remain. My neighborhood is full of them. Just yesterday these nubbins appeared in my office. It's a common snack: cook something up, wrap it in a banana leaf, sell on street.

This here might be Bah Jang. Or maybe it is different enough to warrant a different name due to its seasonal appearance. It's more or less a rice cake with several hard to identify ingredients. I think I tasted cocnut and something else sweet. I can't be any more specific.

Glutinous rice, water chestnut.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year. With Snacks

It is the year of the pig. The new year will be full of misfortune, or so I heard.
Ventured to China town the other night for the best bowl of noodles ever. Ever. No photos though.
Here's a lovely picture. You can see prominent advertisements for both Sharks fin and birds nest. Both must haves for rich Thai Chinese.

Sharks fin soup is all over Bangkok. It's expensive, but there are certainly many people with piles of money lying around. A lot of these people are Chinese. Thai Chinese that is.
I sampled a couple treats. One was something new. I don't know the name but it more or less seems like a Chinses delicacy salad.

With: ginko nuts, cashews, dried shrimp, jujube, and roasted chilis.