Wednesday, April 18, 2007


185 Baht is what tonight's meal cost. For those of you who don't know what 185 Baht is in your currency, look it up, you obviously have the intrnet. Be savvy.

Actually, I should have called the post 165 as you are looking only at 165 Baht woth of food. Ice cream was enjoyed whilst we waited for our meal to be made. We ate: Tom yum pla; sweet, sour, spicy thai soup with fish. Yam wuun se pla meuk. Glass noodle salad with squid. They put shrimp in it too.

Yam Tua pu. Wing bean salad. They made it with pork and seafood.

There's also cabbage and basil for condiments. There's a big bowl of rice. On the way home I bought a kilo of rambutan and a bunch of bananas.
This is how I live. If you know me and want me to take you out to dinner, consider this an invite.

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