Saturday, April 21, 2007

Koi Restaurant

Nice restaurants are a lot like wine and jazz. They're often trumpeted by people who have no idea about what they are talking about. These people should not be your friends. Having expensive tastes does not make you an interesting person much like eating at hip restaurants does not make you a hip or interesting person. Stay home, save your money, watch reruns of law and order on Friday nights. With this sentiment I approached Friday night's meal with a little bit of concern.

Koi serves expensive Japanese fusion. Koi has been called one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. Not only that, they've got the same place in both Los Angeles and New York. Same menu. If you want to eat the same sushi as Leonardo DiCaprio or George Clooney (I actually read this) eat there. If you want to spot models and the upper crust of Thailand or other international wannabes, by all means, spend you money at Koi.

I would like nothing more than to harp on another overpriced and overrated Bangkok restaurant, but this time around I will not. Koi restaurant was perhaps the best expensive restaurant I have ever eaten at.

We started with some chilled Draft Sake. I know almost nothing about Sake so i won't bore you with rehashed praise. All I can say is that it was the best Sake I've ever had...

We started with Tuna Tartar and avacado with crispy wontons. Wow.

We ordered a couple of mains. First was the Grilled Duck Breast on Top of Wasabi Scented Sweet potato Cake and Ginger Plum Sauce.

Next was deep fried sesame soft shell crab on top of mixed stir fried vegetables and rice. Whew.

A friend ordered the deep fried tofu steak, much the same as the above!

For dessert I opted for Molten Chocolate cake.

A friend ordered the trio of Creme brulee. Ginger, coffee, vanilla.

This meal really impressed me. I've eaten in restaurants I cannot believe in Bangkok. Unfortunately I have eaten in many overpriced and overrated restaurants that are both mediocre and are guilty of having contempt for their clientele. Koi is expensive. Incredibly expensive. In a country where I can easily eat for 25 Baht, I feel a bit uncomfortable spending around 2500 Baht for a dinner for two. It gets much more expesive in this town, but I doubt I'll ever venture to those places.
Sure I enjoyed this meal, but I could have had it in New York or LA. Maybe that's what I love about street food and the general street culture. It's unique to this place and it is authentic.

On the way out the door we crossed paths with a group of lanky teenage girls and their well toned and bushy haired counter parts. In person models always look odd and out of place. With one last glance I was reminded how Bangkok is a ridiculous place full of ridiculous people. There are no shortages of places for them.

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