Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Beauty of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit
Dragon fruit is in season, so needless to say I'm eating a lot of it. It's cheap, it's beautiful, and when it's in season, it's really pleasant to eat.
Dragon fruit Dragon fruit

Unfortunately, dragon fruit gets a bit of a bad rap. Perhaps the initial taste cannot measure up to the striking appearance. I've met many a person who tells me that they do not buy dragon fruit becasuse it tastes bland. This is a shame because right now the dragon fruit is excellent. It's being sold by vendors with baskets, on carts, out of the backs of trucks, and even prepared and served in plastic bags.

Ask any thai person about fruit and they can tell you what order fruit comes into season. This is good to know as it is useful to shop for what is in season becase: if it's in season, it has likely come from very nearby, it is fresh, it tastes better than the fruit that is out of season, and it is very very cheap. I don't buy fruit that is out of season because it is not as fresh, tasty or cheap. Right now dragon fruit can be had for between 15-20 baht a kilo. I'll be having a lot.


Kaela said...

I tried a dried version of this from Trader Joe's sometime in the past year... it had an interesting crispy texture but wasn't really sweet at all. It just didn't have much flavor at all so I wondered why I was eating it as I continued to go back to the bag. It think it was mostly because I bought it.

But it's neat to see the fresh version... I had no idea the outside was so pretty.

Kaela said...

Oops. I read your post a few days ago and I forgot that you mentioned that most people you knew thought it was bland. So my comment isn't adding any information; I suppose I'm just chiming in with the masses. :)

a said...

Hey, I tried the dried version when I was at home earlier in the year, and I totally agree with you. Flavorless. One really important thing about dragonfruit is the lovely, juicy, refreshing texture. Totally gone in a dried version of course.

On a sort of related note: I also tried the dried mangosteen at the same time. It was really bland. Mangosteen is considreed the "queen of fruit." It is perhaps my favorite fruit here in Thailand. The dried version is just bad. Perhaps it is on offer simply because mangosteen is an up and coming crop. I guess you can find beauty products and such but the fruit is currently unavailable in the states. I grabbed this from a wikipedia article:

"Without fumigation or irradiation as whole fruit, mangosteens have been illegal for importation in commercial volumes into the United States due to fears that they harbor the Asian fruit fly which would endanger US crops. This situation, however, will officially change on July 23, 2007 when irradiated imports from Thailand will be allowed, pending final FDA approval of the irradiation, packing and shipping techniques."

I can't even begin to speak about how mind blowingly good mangosteens are. If you can find one, by all means, buy it. Unless of course the idea of irradiated fruit makes you nervous...

alyssa said...

when is it in season?

alyssa said...
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