Monday, July 30, 2007

With Ice

A weekend away in the lovely Phetchaburi, included a lot of eating and trying to forget I live in Bangkok. The air was fresh, the scenery green, and the food excellent. I ate a number of kilos of very nice Durian, cheap cheap cheap noodles and stir fry, and famous Petchaburi sweets. Unfortunately I took only a few photos as we were busy cycling around. On one much needed break, after a lovely bowl of 10 baht chicken noodles, we happened upon a refreshing sight.

This woman is selling icy concoctions that will cool down even the hottest patrons. She serves up bowls of ice, with condiments of your choice, sweetened with some palm sugar syrup. I had mine with palm fruits and candied sweet potato.

At five Baht a bowl, you've no excuse for not ordering one or two.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An absolute favorite

This post may see redundant as I have already offered my two cents about Thai desserts, but this post is merely to state my love of a particular dessert, or more appropriately, a favorite style of dessert.

Here's tapioca, and corn wrapped in a banana leaf, topped off with cocnut cream. It tastes like a dessert version of buttered corn.
Here it is again, but different:
Street desserts
Here is is without the wrapper, sans coconut cream. It does have some added salty cocnut milk though:
Favorite Dessert
And last, here's the same concept, but the filling is taro and water chestnut:
Coconut desserts...
I think I've got this scack's schedule figured out. I think that this particular dessert is sold by a middle aged couple who cover the sathorn/silom area. They occasionally come down my street right as I get home from work.I also see these on Silom road on many late afternoons/early evenings. Happy hunting!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day and Night

In Thailand, the food situation changes by the hour. Some vendors wander, some are sedentary. It is good to know where your vendor is and when. In the simplest of cases, they are open only in the daytime, or only at night. Here's one of my favorites by day, and night respectively.
Stand Isaan Stand
For more on this stand, see an earlier post here.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chicken and Rice

After a fair bit of time in Thailand, I have to admit to being fairly embarrassed to admit that one of my favorite dishes is none other than Khao man gai (chicken and rice). Khao man gai actually means chicken fat rice. The chicken is boiled and rice is cooked in the stock and the fat. It seems like a very simple dish but the quality of the meat, the rice, the side soup, and the sauce is what makes this dish either bland, or delicious. The sauce varies from sweet saucy chili paste, to a limey and spicy sauce. The sauce is a bit of a wild card as this dish is not indigenous to Thailand. For more info on Hainan Chicken, have a look at the wikipedia entry here.

Above: chicken and rice to go. Ready to eat.

Thai Avocados

A couple of weeks ago on the way to Villa Market near my house, we happened upon some Avocados. The man selling them claimed that they were from Kanchanaburi.

I'm sure those of you viewing this in, say the state of california will think that I must have totally run out of ideas must realize that finding fresh local avacados is cause for celebration.

To be perfectly honest, these avocados were not great. A little watery for my taste. Not nearly as good as Haas avocados I tend to eat back in the states, but it was nice to sit over a large bowl of guacamole for dinner. The Thai brewed San Miguel beer didn't hurt either.