Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An absolute favorite

This post may see redundant as I have already offered my two cents about Thai desserts, but this post is merely to state my love of a particular dessert, or more appropriately, a favorite style of dessert.

Here's tapioca, and corn wrapped in a banana leaf, topped off with cocnut cream. It tastes like a dessert version of buttered corn.
Here it is again, but different:
Street desserts
Here is is without the wrapper, sans coconut cream. It does have some added salty cocnut milk though:
Favorite Dessert
And last, here's the same concept, but the filling is taro and water chestnut:
Coconut desserts...
I think I've got this scack's schedule figured out. I think that this particular dessert is sold by a middle aged couple who cover the sathorn/silom area. They occasionally come down my street right as I get home from work.I also see these on Silom road on many late afternoons/early evenings. Happy hunting!


Pondering said...

I just happened to get a link to your blog somehow and would like to say what a great Thai food blog. They are so simple and those pictures of foods make me drools!!!

a said...

Thanks for the comment! It's nice to know that there are people enjoying the blog! Guess I should make an effort to update more often.


Pondering said...

Yep, you should. Your blog as well as pictures posted here are very well-posted and entertaining. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd, how cool! I wish I had known to look for these snacks before we were in Bangkok in May. They look so interesting!