Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chicken and Rice

After a fair bit of time in Thailand, I have to admit to being fairly embarrassed to admit that one of my favorite dishes is none other than Khao man gai (chicken and rice). Khao man gai actually means chicken fat rice. The chicken is boiled and rice is cooked in the stock and the fat. It seems like a very simple dish but the quality of the meat, the rice, the side soup, and the sauce is what makes this dish either bland, or delicious. The sauce varies from sweet saucy chili paste, to a limey and spicy sauce. The sauce is a bit of a wild card as this dish is not indigenous to Thailand. For more info on Hainan Chicken, have a look at the wikipedia entry here.

Above: chicken and rice to go. Ready to eat.


hillary said...

I am on a quest at the moment to find a local restaurant that serves this. I got it once from a San Jose restaurant when I was visiting a friend down there and was hooked. The sauce is killer.

a said...

Yeah, the sauce can really make all the difference. Although the richness of the rice is important as well. Oh, and also the tenderness of the chicken!

SuperMind_SuperMe said...


Do you want the recipe? it's not too difficult to make.