Sunday, July 8, 2007

Thai Avocados

A couple of weeks ago on the way to Villa Market near my house, we happened upon some Avocados. The man selling them claimed that they were from Kanchanaburi.

I'm sure those of you viewing this in, say the state of california will think that I must have totally run out of ideas must realize that finding fresh local avacados is cause for celebration.

To be perfectly honest, these avocados were not great. A little watery for my taste. Not nearly as good as Haas avocados I tend to eat back in the states, but it was nice to sit over a large bowl of guacamole for dinner. The Thai brewed San Miguel beer didn't hurt either.


doug said...

I've heard the thai varieties aren't as delectible as California ones... Since I found your blog my need for real Thai food has been off the charts, good thing it's almost time to bid California adieu and get back to what must be the best food I've experienced. Counting the days!!

SuperMind_SuperMe said...

Oh..I used to love avocados when I was a kid. The way I ate them, which might look weird to you, was cut them into halves, remove the seed and put lots of condense milk the seed-bowl. Humm..Yumm!!

Watergirl said...

Avocados shakes or homemade ice cream (as meud mentioned) is so typical of how we'd eat the fruit here, used to be shocked by how it was eaten in California (as a vegie). But I've come to appreciate and make homemade guacamole.