Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An After Work Snack

Every day after work I have to make a decision: to snack or not to snack? Today was a day for snacks...
Today I felt like some black jelly (Chao Kuay):

Black Jelly is made from a plant that originated in China. They make a jelly out of it, mix it up with some syrup and ice, and deliver it into your greedy little hands for ten Baht.
While i was buying this here cup I realized there was another vendor right behind me selling corn and sweet potatoes.

I opted for corn that was topped with coconut. A nice local touch for this New World delight. Sugar was also included on the side, but I didn't add it; good corn is already sweet enough.


puck said...


In this case, I vote for your snack day for everyday.


Anonymous said...

I like black jello same same you. My BMW 520 is black same same jello. Aroi mak mak!

Kaela said...

what does the Black Jelly taste like? Fruity? Just sweet. I'm curious.

The corn snack looked really good. Was there anything on it other than coconut? I'm part of a farm share here in Philadelphia and have had a lot of corn in the past month... I've kind of given up cooking it and just cut it off the cob and put it on salads and just about anything really. But now I'm wondering how it would taste with coconut.

a said...

Black Jelly tastes a little grassy, but the drink is sweet because of the syrup that i added.

The corn had only the coconut added. This is Thailand, so it was served with sugar on the side, which I did not add. I guess it's pretty good with coconut, but fresh delicious coconut is everywhere here, so it might be hard to recreate where fresh coconuts aren't a dime a dozen. In my opinion, it's hard to beat the home grown buttered corn I grew up eating every summer.