Saturday, September 22, 2007

Desperation Snack

Here's a snack I've written a few words on before, but thought I should revisit. Balls on sticks are everywhere. It is perhaps the most common snack round these parts. The vendors themselves have portable carts on wheels and have a large selection of "meats." They have pork, shrimp, and chicken all in ball form. They also sell wonderful little hot dog like creations of all shapes and sizes. On occasion they also sell squid, but I prefer to go to a squid stand.

The balls are covered in a sweet and spicy chili sauce and put in a plastic bag much like everything else in Thailand. This is a snack that I call a "desperation snack" simply because you'd be hard pressed to find a less delicious snack. I only really eat this if I'm going mad from hunger and another snack is not forthcoming (very rare), or someone has given them to me of course.

Here's E enjoying a few pork balls.

Hmm. Looks good.

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Kaela said...

I suppose I feel that way about soft pretzels around here. They are everywhere and cheap, but they don't really taste very good. Heaven forbid you let one cool off before you eat it. You have to be pretty hungry to finish that.