Saturday, September 8, 2007

Som Tam Nua

In and around Siam Square, there are a plethora of Som Tam restaurants. Today lunch was eaten at Som Tam Nua.
I have a hard time not ordering Som Tam Thai. Here's a pretty straight forward version. The papaya was very fresh.

Next was a mushroom salad. A limp, uninspired dish, but also a lazy and uninspired order on my part.

The highlight was a crispy fried fish. I love the limey sauce with mint, onions, chilis, and crushed rice. Not unique, just very good.

My only real gripe was the lack of fresh veggies to munch on with my meal. I am accusotomed to getting: basil, cabbage, young morning glory, and long beans. Nowhere to be seen. Hmph.
The address? Somehwere in Siam Square. But don't worry: there are many other restaurants like this in the area. If you don't find it, another will find you.


Austin said...

There's a branch of Som Tam Nua near my house, but I've yet to visit. It looks like upscale isaan, which can either be very nice, or very crap!


a said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Although it does seem applicable to many restaurants around here. Or maybe I'm good at making poor choices.

puck said...

It's hard to go wrong with any Som-tam shops. My only consideration is if it looks clean -- or not. The fish looks so good. Hurrr -- I miss those dishes. :(