Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On the Way

While riding along the country roads in Thailand, I take great pleasure in finding snacks and meals along the way. From my experience, there is always something to eat. It may not always be what you want, but it is usually what you need.

Cycling can be hard work. It burns a lot of calories. It is rather easy to eat several meals in a day. Then again, it all depends what you happen across. An hour or so out of Chiang Mai we stopped for another lunch of Khao Soi. This wasn't enough for me so I ordered a yam naem, which is fermented pork salad (if you can call a dish made almost entirely of meat a salad!). Very salty, very spicy, very tasty. I was too hungry to take photos. A little while later, it was time to eat again. This time there was a lovely little market selling all kinds of things. I quickly gravitated toward a meat heavy sausage stand.

It looked like the whole thing could fall over at any minute.

I've talked about this style of sausage before. It's really got more rice in it than meat.

This wasn't going to be enough, so next we set our sights on a lovely dessert stand.

This here woman sold many flavors of jello like cubes. At a baht a piece, it was hard not to buy too many.

Many hours later we coasted into Samoeng where I spotted avocados for sale. As the woman sold it to me she cut it open. I dug right in. About a minute later to my embarrassment she procured a plastic spoon. Oh well. Not a bad way to end a ride.

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puck said...


Your post is lovely. It is funny because, yesterday, I was talking with a friend about all day snacking and all-around street food that we have in Thailand. She, my friend, doesn't seem to buy it. She keeps asking about safety stuffs. To me, what I miss the most about Thailand, especially ChiangMai, is these street snacks (good food in great price). Plus, there is no time for them to 'watered down' their food. :)