Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Orange (juice) Season

I spent my youth looking forward to and dreading the year's different seasons. Since moving to Thailand, I have missed the dramatic shift in temperature and changing foliage. To say Thailand lacks seasons would be misleading though. Here in Bangkok there are four seasons, just not vastly different from one another. There is hot. This is ever present. There is hotter, there is wet, and there is cooler. I don't want to ruminate on the weather for long as I'm more interested in what the small changes bring to the world of Thai fruit. It just so happens to be the cool season right now and it feels pretty damn good with only one exception: The fruit selection is sparse. Sure, there are always pineapples, watermelon, and fantastic bananas. But gone are the days of mangosteen, rambutan, durian, lychee, longan, and longgong. Also, I found some limp rose apples, pricey mangoes, and iffy looking sapodillas this afternoon. The sad truth is that this time of year there is a serious lull in the supply of the fresh, cheap, and local fruit. Currently my one fruit pleasure is the orange.

Currently there are a plethora of roving orange vendors. I see them in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. The oranges can be sweet and a real pleasure to eat. The one drawback is that they are full of seeds, making them a bit annoying at times. I'm not picky, but it does take away from the eating experience. Luckily there is another great option; Juice.

I like to drink a nice big glass of juice, so I need a lot of oranges. I use most of a kilo to make a large pint glass full of juice. At 20 baht a kilo, this is an inexpensive and healthy habit.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, we spend a good portion of every morning (over our measley plates of so-so fruit) reminiscing about the abundant, cheap, and delicious fruit in Bangkok. Not to mention fresh-squeezed orange juice at home every morning (20 baht a kilo!) and, throughout the day, a bottle or two more from a street vendor at 10 baht a piece. It's all a matter of perspective - and from here in Kuala Lumpur it's looking like you've got it pretty good!

Anonymous said...

yeah, just buy the juice same same me and let the vendors do the squeezin'

a said...

I could certainly think of worse places to be in.

"Thai people"
I squeeze my own because I want a "large" glass, not some small plastic thing filled with a bit of juice. I could do with a little less plastic. Also, it is important to remember that with any fruit or vegetable, the sooner it is consumed after being prepared, the better it is for you, and the better it tastes.