Friday, December 7, 2007

Title Forthcoming

This man tempts me almost daily after work. He's cooking up a Chinese origin snack that took a while for me to develop a taste for. In this case location certainly was everything. After a day at work, a fresh snack is always hard to pass up. It was only a matter of time before he had me hooked.

Trouble is, I don't know the name. I've asked, he's told me, and I've forgotten. Typical. Also, he's almost always just finishing as I walk by, thus the cooking process is elusive. Any ideas on the green that is used?

Here's some a cookin'. On the right they sit next to some Kanom Kui Chai; dumpling of sorts filled with any number of things which include: Chinese chives, bamboo shoots, and or taro. They're all served up with a thick, black, soy sauce, and chili.

Do take care to eat them soon after ordering or they will soak up all the sauce and become scary blobs.

This is what happens when you take them to go, put them in a bowl in your kitchen, and take photos. Good for documentation, but not much else.


Anonymous said...

oh i miss this stuff

Unknown said...

this snack is good! used to have it when i was in BKK.

Alexander Santillanes said...

Ah, I've had the same problem- I have no idea what those are called! I had them for the first time in Cambodia, and more recently found a vendor who sells them near my school. They can be quite delicious, though a bit oily. I've seen something very similar referred to as "Chinese pudding"- though that doesn't seem like it could really describe these... -X

a said...

I've got a lead. I asked my co-workers the other day and they assured me that the snacks pictured in this post are ALL Kanom kui chai. I knew that the dumplings had this name, but not the square/rectangular pieces.