Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Bami Post

Great food in Bangkok is a tricky business. Yes, it is fair to say that there is good to be found an any given street corner, but once you've eaten it for a while it all starts to seem rather, well, the same. Laad Na tastes like laad na, hoi thod tastes like hoi thod, the snozberries taste like snozberries, etc. Then, along comes a version of an old favorite that simply destroys what you are used to. Trouble is, finding these places can be bothersome. How many plates of only passable khao man gai can you eat before you can't stomach another? The more I get used to eating Thai food, the more perfection I demand, and the more difficult it is to get satisfaction. I assure you that this isn't being unreasonable. This is a big city with a mind boggling number of places to try. There are some absolute gems out there.

I was alerted to a famous bami stand earlier this year very near my house. Reports suggested that it was good, more expensive than usual(50 Baht, oh the humanity!), and popular. People drive from the surrounding businesses to get a taste of the finest bami in the area. After one visit I was converted, and elsewhere many other bowl became only passable.

On a recent visit, we were pleased to find the place rather uncrowded, even after a van full of office workers piled in before us. Without thinking we each ordered one with everything:

Here's a very large bowl of: dry bami, red pork, pork dumplings, and lots of delicious crab. I could have done without the red pork. Although one of the things I was told about this place was the quality of the pork, it seemed too red and too sweet. Besides that, this here bowl is hard to beat. Even though I usually prefer shrimp dumplings, these here pork dumplings are fresher than any I have ever tasted. We saw one of the owners putting them together in the back. The real highlight of this bowl is the crab. Many bami stands will offer you a little tease of crab, where after you've eaten, you remember that even though you ordered it with crab, you can't remember actually tasting it.

Go to this place. If you don't love it , I'll reimburse you. Honest.

Bami Place With No Name
181 St. Louis 3 (Sathorn 11)
Hours? Lunchtime. Not Wednesdays.


jza said...

Aaron! I didn't realize you were still doing this. Hope all is well. We miss you, even though you've apparently turned into one of those people that takes pictures of everything they eat. I think that's like the first symptom of senility.

You should probably check up on that.

Holler on myspace.


Unknown said...

I LOVE all of your pictures and I feel that I'm feeling in love with your blog :)

a said...

Sinility or no, I am certainly well fed.

Aw schucks! Thanks for stopping by.