Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bug And Bee

Today was king Bhumibol Adulyadej's 80th birthday. Most people had the day off to stay home and wear yellow. I was one of them, but so were the street vendors. Times such as these call for eating in a restaurant. Oh my. We proceeded to Bug And Bee located on Silom Road. Bug and Bee is a little bit strange really. They serve a sort of Asian and Western fusion with a focus on crepes. No kidding.

I admit to being a little uneasy with a lot of "fusion" food out there. Yes, both Mexican and Vietnamese food, two personal favorites, are what they are because of cultures coming, er, being forced together. Unfortunately, these days the fusion label is often applied to trendy, weak food.

Ranting aside, I've never been blown away by Bug and Bee's food, but their space provides a good place to sit undisturbed with a friend, a book, or even your laptop.

Bug and Bee has really gotten into the holiday spirit. The Christmas spirit in Thailand is represented mostly by consumerism in the form of "sales" and displays at the local malls. You can hear all of your (least) favorite holiday songs and see really beautiful Christmas trees. Bug and Bee decided that since red is a Christmas color, strawberries would be an appropriate food to emphasize the Christmas spirit. Where I come from, there are not fresh strawberries in the month December, but I'm very happy to make strawberries a new Christmas tradition. The Strawberry season is very short in Thailand and the supply is relatively limited. They are also relatively expensive as well, but for a special occasion, they're well worth the splurge.

I started the meal with a fresh strawberry smoothie, with tapioca at the bottom. A very Thai twist to a good western style smoothie. Could do without the whipped cream though.

The real star of the show was one of Bug and Bee's signature crepes filled with: apple, pineapple, ginkgo nuts, cashews, gnocchi!?, roasted chillies, and topped off with fresh strawberries.

On the side was a yam tua plu, with pomelo, in a cabbage leaf. Nice touch.
This dish was actually surprisingly familiar as I sampled something very much like it on my street on Chinese new year.

Bug and Bee
18 Silom Road, Bangrak
Bangkok Thailand 10500

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