Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snack a Day 2008, Snack #22: Shawarma

If foreign food is what you want in Bangkok, then foreign food is what you shall have. An appointment in just the right part of town meant i would get to indulge in a Chicken Shawarma on Sukhumvit Soi 3, also known as Soi Arab.

Soi Arab is a real experience not to be missed. I urge you to go if you've got some extra time in Bangkok. It's like stepping into another region of the world, but one that doesn't really exist anywhere else. Northern and Western Africans, Middle Eastern men in various robes and head dresses, women in Burkas, and even a few ladies of the night from the nearby redlight district, all mingle on this unique street. Not a good place for a drink though. If you're so inclined, you can indulge in hours upon hours of tea drinking and sheesha smoking. Not a bad way to spend the evening.

Today was just a quick stop at a favorite spot for a chicken shawarma.

I could probably eat two or three.


Alexander Santillanes said...

Mmm, shawarma. I get major cravings for the shawarma stand located outside the Bamboo Bar on Soi 3, across the street from the Grace Hotel. Do you have a particular stand you like? -X

a said...

Hmm. Across the stree from the Grace hotel? This one is right on Suk soi 3, where soi arab comes out. I dunno if any one of these places is superior though. They all seem to sell the same stuff. What do you think?

Robyn said...

Yes, Soi Arab is a treasure. We have nothing at all like it in Kuala Lumpur. Curiously, in spite of all the Middle Eastern tourists here, KL's Middle Eastern restaurants generally serve horrific food.
Have you been to the Ethiopian restaurant on Nana (assuming it's still there)? Really wonderful.

Alexander Santillanes said...

The place I like is across from the Grace Hotel, a bit further down Soi 3 than most other shops-it's a bit further from the outlet of the Middle Eastern Soi. They do a really delicious shawarma, with a lot of little thoughtful extras, like creamy garlic sauce, pickled vegetables, or mint yogurt.

And in response to Robyn's comment- sadly, the Ethiopian restaurant has closed. Which is quite crushing, as Ethiopian is one of my favorite foods. -X

a said...

Never saw your comment as my mail seems to be recognizing most comment notifications as spam! Sorry about that. It wasn't until I was notified of Xander's comment did I see yours. As for the ethiopian restaurant, never managed to make it there. See below.

Your place sounds better that the one I frequent. I'll look into it. Actually, I'll be in that area of town this evening...

Yeah, Ethiopian is rather fantastic, but a cuisine I've only indulged in a hand full of times. As for the now closed restaurant, I am a bit of a coffee person so I really wanted to go there for the coffee service. I once spent a large part of an evening walking around looking for the place before i realized that is was gone forever. pity.

Anonymous said...

I recently arrived in Bangkok from Tokyo, where my favorite late night snack was doner kebab from one of the numerous stands open late in the city's entertainment districts. I look forward to hitting up Soi 3 and seeing how they compare!