Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snack a Day 2008, Snack #13: Nua daet diao

Uh-oh. Snack a day is very quickly turning into "meat a day." Sorry about that. Trouble is, street meats are a common snack, I failed to blog about them previously, and a snack is a snack. Today I bring you nua daet diao. Nua dat diao is beef that has been sun dried, then cooked before being served. Today, it was grilled, although it can taste rather fried in restaurants. Regardless, this dish is often casually referred to as "beef jerky" by foreigners and in English language menus, but that's not entirely accurate. Nua daet diao is only partially dried whereas beef jerky is completely dried. Not a huge difference but one worth mentioning as it might seem strange to see beef jerky offered in a Thai restaurant.

Two sticks of chewy beef make an excellent beer snack.


Katie said...

Nothing wrong with "meat a day"! Thanks for taking the time to share your snacks with the world. You make me jealous and hungry almost every time. Have you had the fermented pork sausage (possibly called naam or something like that) and sticky rice? My favorite Thai street meat...mmm, delicious!

a said...

My pleasure, although this project is at times wearing thin. I'm not always hungry for snacks but I've gotta follow through with the project. On the other hand, after living here for so long, working on this thing keeps me trying new things.

Yes, I have eaten naem a time or two. Eating a bit too much of it at once one time kind of turned me away from it for a while...