Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snack a Day 2008, Snack #2

There's a snack for every occasaion. I'm sure there must be one for this snack. After work I headed to the local Thai Chinese Vegetarian restaurant. I fancied a bag of sweet soup(?). Yeah.

I opted for the Jobe's tears , wolfberries, ginko nuts, and jujubes in a sweet broth.
It tastes like breakfast.


Anonymous said...

the red things are not chillis, but chinese wolfberries

a said...

thanks anon. Guess they didn't really seem that spicy. Fixed!

Watergirl said...

That looks like a dessert soup I've had in China, lotus nuts, dates/wolfberries, and barley or beans.

a said...

Interesting. I always wonder how Chinese the thai-chinese food I eat might be. I was recently taken out to "Chinese" food by a Thai-Chinese family I know. I kept asking "Is this real Chinese food?" Some of it just seemed very Thai.

Anonymous said...

Where could I find Jobe's Tears? Earthfare, etc?
Thanks, BSM