Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snack a Day 2008, Snack #23: Kanom bang

Yeah, it's a big piece of toast okay? I call it "The Big Toast." Today was the first time I have ever personally purchased one. If I'm not mistaken I've had "the big toast" with satay on occasion, and once underneath a mound of artificially colored and flavored ice. Lovely. Today was just toast.

You see, toast, or anything for that matter, tastes much better when cooked over a fire.

There are a number of fresh condiments at this toast mobile: margarine, sugar, jam, spicy paste, and sweetened condensed milk.

Here's the takeaway in my kitchen: toast with sweetened condensed milk and sugar for two.

In other bread product related news, it looks like Austin over at Realthai has been busy today as well. Essential reading.


Kaela said...

I'm glad you're sharing even the boring snacks. It's really giving me an idea of just how many choices of street food you actually have.

a said...

Boring!? No way, this is exciting!

Kaela said...

Well... big street toast is pretty *funny*... sounds fairly good to eat... and is probably filling... but you must face it: it is a boring snack. ;)