Friday, January 4, 2008

Snack a Day 2008, Snack #4

A period of mourning, a snack for mourning.
The King's elder sister died the oher day sending the kingdom into a fifteen day period of mourning. Black is the new yellow. Just the week before it was pink. Oh boy. Black clothes are in. Do you know the appropriate snacks? I can think of no blacker snack than Chaok Kuay. Don't stare too closely into the abyss.

Chao Kuay is boiled until the water turns black, thickened with corn starch, and made into a massive cake. The cake is cubed, sliced, diced, or just scooped into a cup with syrup and ice.

Above, one of the stars from the Matrix trilogy shows off their new acqusition.

Don't be afraid, give it a try.


Unknown said...

In Malaysia, we like to serve it with soya bean drink.

a said...

That sounds good.