Saturday, January 5, 2008

Snack a Day 2008, Snack #5: Bua loy naam king

Here's another favorite dessert. This one came before dinner. Being an adult means that I can do that sort of thing.

This woman sells a nice spread of desserts, but I'll only profile one right now. This evening I filled my stomach with bua loy naam king. It is rice dumplings filled with rich black sesame, bathing in a spicy broth.

It's not really very fair to make value judgements about other peoples' tastes, but if you don't find pleasure in eating this, you've got a problem. I'm sorry.

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SuperMind_SuperMe said...

How about the 'sesame haters' or 'Ginger haters'?

Just kidding!! I love them too. Good for winter huh?