Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Snack a Day 2008, Snack #8: Fried Chicken

Some food you can find anywhere. Just about every country I've ever visited had a place where one could buy fried chicken. I never really enjoyed fried chicken in America, and I have long associated it with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Guess advertising had an effect on me.

I very rarely eat fried chicken, and if i do, it accompanies my som tam. Although I chose gai thod for today's snack purely for the sake of the "snack a day" project, it wasn't all bad. If you like fried food, Thailand is a good place for you, as there are a plethora of excellent dishes that include fried meats, seafood, and vegetables. Although as of late I'm getting a little tired of the prevalence of fried food, it is at least done very well. Excellent fried chicken is the norm.

This here chicken, served with a sweet chili sauce, was fried to perfection. The two pieces I ate managed to put the prospect of a proper dinner in doubt. As I write this I wonder if dinner will be possible. I'm optimistic it will be.


Katie said...

Thanks for bringing back Snack a Day. Happy Eating!

Pondering said...

I LOVE fried chicken (sorry! I'm on the opposit side of the ocean here.). I think I can eat them in the morning, lunch, for dinner, late night snacks or pretty much all day.

I'm surprised you never like fried chicken in the US. If I have to name one food Americans are good at making are fried chickens...oh especially those southern version. Yum!