Friday, February 22, 2008



This Friday night I was feeling festive. Mojitos were on the menu. Yeah, I bet many of you wanted to hear about street food, or something more uniquely Thai. Well, my life isn't only noodles and street meats. I wanted a mojito and I wasn't going to pay some exorbitant amount for one at some fancy-schmancy bar. Also, I didn't want to put pants on, and I like making drinks.

While you can't just walk down to the corner and buy a fun and fancy drink, you can but some very nice ingredients to point you in the right direction. For a mojito you need rum, soda, lime, mint, and sugar. A quick trip to the street market gets the fresh ingredients. Luckily I had rum and soda on hand. Who doesn't have a little sugar? For best results, you need caster sugar. I put brown sugar in a food processor to get the fine consistency that is ideal for cocktails.
Drink makins

One of my fondest memories of enjoying mojitos was at a street cafe in the beautiful Grenada, Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the home of Flor De CaƱa, one of the world's finest rums. Unfortunately, I've never seen it anywhere outside of Nicaragua. What's an American to do? I bought a bottle of Havana Club.
Havana Club is one of the fine rums of Cuba. It's a spirit one will not find in America due to the long standing trade embargo of the small communist island. The government of the recently retired Fidel Castro doesn't think much of political freedoms. For decades Cuba has rightly been accused of human rights violations. Recently, America has also had a recent spate of bad publicity for torturing "enemy combatants" at Guantanamo Bay Naval base. You've gotta watch out for that free press.

Anyhow, after a round of thoroughly enjoyed mojitos, the hunger had gotten out of control. I wanted to walk as little as possible to the nearest food stall. Just in front of my building was a bami cart I visit on occasion. Lucky me.

A bowl of bami haeng was procured to ward off the post cocktail haze. If you think that this is a strange pairing, you're right. Regardless, this was a much needed and enjoyed bowl of noodles.


Robyn said...

>>Also, I didn't want to put pants on<<

And the bami stall was snapped in broad daylight. Hard liquor in the middle of the afternoon while in a pantless state. You're presenting an entirely new picture of yourself with this post.

a said...

You got me, but I cheated. The photo of the stand was actually snapped a different day. I made my purchase from the same place, but in the evening. The picture I took of the noodles was from Friday, maybe around six.

Don't worry: I've not totally slipped. I spent the whole weekend riding and snacking around bangkok after this brief slothful interlude. Pants are still overrated though.

SC said...

If I buy the rum, will you make me a mojito?

a said...