Saturday, March 1, 2008

Off to Laos

After this morning's coffee at La Boulange on Soi Convent, we made a quick stop at our bike shop, then took a leisurely stroll. Heading up Rachadamri road, a completely naked middle aged woman approached. In case you didn't read that, she was completely naked. Nakedness can mean several things when it appears in public: 1) a practical joker, 2) a free spirit, or 3) a crazy person. As she got closer, I realized she belonged to the third group. Best of all, she was heading straight towards me. I had made the unfortunate mistake of eye contact. The eyes showed that this woman was clinically insane. As she got closer, she took a swing at me. I ducked and she moved on towards E. She grabbed at E's wrist, but E just shook her off. Naked crazy woman wasn't looking for a fight, she was heading straight for Silom road. That could have been very interesting.

One might call this particular event a bad omen. I will take it to mean that it is time to leave the city for a while. Lucky for us, we are boarding a train for Laos this very evening. It's time for a very long bicycle ride. See you in a few weeks.


Kaela said...

Good luck! Looking forward to hearing about the trip.

Anonymous said...

I no like crazy people same same you. The lady crazy, she is thai people? Or she lady farang crazy?