Monday, June 2, 2008

Curry Stand

A long wait at the Krabi bus station filled our party with dread. Luckily there was a nice market nearby selling a wide variety of southern style curries! I had a good long conversation with the proprietors about what each pot contained, and after much hand wringing, I settled on a spicy fish curry. My crazy companions chose Kanom jeen. Fools.

Man oh man... It's not just the complex and spicy flavors that I love, it's the variety of condiments that make this a blissful meal.

One thing of interest was this mystery item:

Fruit? Vegetable? Jack fruit? Anyone know? It filled my mouth with a most unpleasant sensation.

This curry stand was so good I had to sample more. I went for the recommended duck curry.

It was rich, fatty, and spicy. Enough to put even the hungriest of eater over the edge.

Times like these perfectly capture what I love about eating in Thailand and what difficulties arise when blogging about it. Literally everywhere you can find delicious food. It is in random and or unremarkable places like this that the idea of trying to document the best becomes totally ridiculous. Even though for our party this was an ideal meal, I wouldn't dream of recommending that anyone go out of their way to hit up the market near the Krabi bus station for a bowl of curry.


Robyn said...

Some of your readers would go out of their way to hit up the market by the Krabi bus station for a curry.

a said...

Well, I guess you're right, but I sort of had a larger point in mind. One of the huge differences between America and Thailand, is that if you want to eat a good slice of pizza in say Portland Oregon, I can recommend a place or two with confidence. When it comes to recommending a good bowl of Bami, or maybe a bowl of curry, there are a much wider range of choices. In Bangkok for example, the list is so daunting, it becomes tough to declare one stand as better than all the rest with any sense of authority without first sampling literally hundreds of vendors. From my apartment in Bangkok, I could buy about a dozen different bowls of noodles all within a few blocks. It makes me dizzy thinking of the whole town. Recommendations are certainly great, but with so many choices, it's hard to steer people to a place such as the small market by the Krabi bus station.

Robyn said...

I agree, I was just being a smartass. :-) Well, sort of. I was also being serious. I mean, if I was in Krabi I would, with this post in mind, head to the bus station. But I suppose I might be a little more obsessive about that sort of thing than your average reader.

a said...

Well, people like you and i are nuts in many peoples' eyes. Hell, by all means, go to this curry stand. You'll be glad you did. Of course, we both know that delicious curry stands line the road in this part of the country. Will you be hungry when you get there?