Friday, August 29, 2008

CSA Food Box

In the continuing search for the ideal way of buying and eating produce we signed up for a local CSA. Community Supported Agriculture attempts to connect local farmers with members of the community to develop a regional food supply, thus not relying on the monster that is industrial agriculture.

Here's the box i picked up only blocks from our humble abode.

It seemed like a really heavy box. One large melon explained the weight.

You see, I want to like and even love this system. We get very beautiful, organic produce. What we do not get is vast quantities of anything. For the money paid, we could have shopped the deals and bought a lot more produce. See an earlier entry for a look at this dilemma.

Listen: I get it. After oil really becomes scarce, or just really expensive and we're living in a Mad Max like dystopian future, we're going to be very glad that we developed these local food systems that are not only close, but didn't destroy the fragile environment. Right? We cannot expect to keep getting cheap food from a thousand miles away while the cost of that service becomes greater. But at this point, this is a choice that not everyone can make. Hell, I don't know if I can afford it at present. Do we simply need to understand that our food has been artificially cheap with petroleum based fertilizers, cheap transport, and migrant labor for far too long? How can you convince people in an already struggling economy that it is a good idea to pay more money for their food?

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Robyn said...

I'm curious how much that one box cost? We eat more veggies than that in a single dinner.

Somewhat related, an interesting view on organic (I'm probably more open to it bec organic is near to impossible here, if you want a varied diet and don't want to spend U$5 for a teeny-tiny head of broccoli):