Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Liguria Bakery

Liguria is my kind of place, and it should be yours too. They make one thing and one thing only. Focaccia bread. No pasta, no pastries, no nonsense.

Liguria Bakery, in North Beach San Francisco, has been around just about forever. Well, since 1911 if my sources are correct. It's a long standing family run business in this historically Italian neighborhood. They make their delicious Focaccia bread by hand daily, like they have since day one.

Here it is on a rather inconspicuous corner of Stockton and Filbert. I don't even think there's a sign.

Inside, things look much like they always have I imagine. A rather sparse counter and a sign that lists the focaccia for sale. Get here early, or there won't be much to buy. They are often sold out before their closing time of two o'clock.

Walking in we were immediately intimidated when one of the the women behind the counter very quickly asked "Can I help you with something?" Gosh, what else could we be here for? We quickly, and rather foolishly I might add, ordered two pizza focaccias.

The older woman went in the back, got our foccacia, wrapped it in paper, and tied it with a piece of string. We ran across the street to eat.

And eat we certainly did. This bread is massive, and they don't spare the fat.

This was too much but enjoyable. The pizza bread does get rave reviews, but two of them was just too much. I thought the sauce overpowered the bread. Besides, we should have tried two kinds.

A couple weeks later when back in the area I ventured back for another taste. I took two to go with me on the BART to my home in the East Bay. i expected to be mugged for my package that was filling the car with a wonderful smell. I was carrying garlic

and mushroom this time around.

A much better choice. These were all I could have hoped for, and all the butter I could want for a week. If you love garlic, you can't go wrong with garlic foccaicia.

Eating this bounty, i wondered if this kind of food would be accepted with open arms this day and age. It's very simple, very rich, and very caloric. The kind of food that in moderation, is rather excellent. But as Americans are the poeple in the world most likely to be on a diet, and the most likely to be obese, I'm not so sure.

Here's my advice for you. Buy one, split it with a friend, and eat it with soup or salad. Good luck not eating it all if you are by your lonesome.

Liguria Bakery
1700 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 421-3786

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Anonymous said...

I love all the foccacia at Laguria! Go early in the morning and get the raisin! Delicious! Susan