Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tacos Sinaloa

After much hinting, I finally am making my first post about Oakland taco trucks. This will hopefully be the first of many. Let's look at it as the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Tacos Sinaloa is the first truck, or series of trucks, you see heading up International Boulevard away from Downtown Oakland. Seemed like a good place to get started. Many customers rolled up in Large trucks, we rolled up on our bikes. A diverse group of mostly Spanish speaking customers congregated. I heard nary a word of English, so I dusted off my very rusty Spanish and put in an order. Two plates of tacos al pastor.

Tacos Sinaloa does a brisk business. In this very spot, there are not one but two taco trucks. There is also a small permanent structure, that didn't seem in use this very day. I won't ramble on. Have a look.

Each taco was lovingly made with two handmade tortillas, covered with meat, salsa, and pickled carrots and jalapenos. Beautiful. For the uninitiated, al pastor is pork cooked in the style of shawarma or kebab. I couldn't see a spit inside the truck, so the actual preparation is a mystery.

As many of you have probably heard, with the American economy in the toilet, people have less disposable income, the restaurant lobby gets very uncomfortable, and restrictions are being put on our good friend the Taco Truck. Recent restrictions passed by the Los Angeles city council has put their future in the City of Angels in doubt. Let's make one thing perfectly clear: zoning them into obscurity, taxing them out of business, or making their existence simply illegal will not send us into the warm embrace of a fine(r) dining establishment.

Luckily, the Oakland city council has put some taco truck friendly ordinances in place, making it a bit of a mecca in a growing wasteland for street food.

Get yourself over to International Boulevard and eat some tacos.

Tacos Sinaloa
2138 International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94606
(510) 535-1206


Hock said...


Can't wait for more.

a said...

neither can I!

Anonymous said...

Taco oakland looks same same bangkok sunrise taco aroi mak. Fat man sunrise taco big boss looks same same america farang, na kha.