Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coffee Anyone?

Here are all of my coffee makers. That would be two french presses, a couple of Italian moka pots, and three Vietnamese presses. I don't own use a machine, nor do I use paper filters. If I want my coffee to taste like paper, I can throw some in at the end. Anyhow, drinking too much coffee seemed like the ideal way to spend my Sunday Afternoon. Decisions decisions... I made Turkish coffee of course. I lack a cezve, but I made do with a saucepan.

First, I ground the coffee as fine as possible. Very fine. Just about killed my grinder. It takes at least a couple of spoon fulls per small cup. I throw it in with a little sugar, bring just to a boil so it gets all foamy, and them decant. What could be easier?

Maybe it's not obvious, but this is one very strong cup of coffee. I might regret it in the middle of the night.

When finished, they say you can "read" the coffee grinds. It's like using a crystal ball, or voting in America. Nobody really believes in it, but it sure is fun.

Oops. I think I did this wrong, but this mess still does does evoke some unpleasant images. What does my future hold?


Anonymous said...

I like strong coffee same same you at starbuck. Aroi mak na ka!

a said...

Oh "i am thai people" you are a tresure indeed! Never go away!