Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seven Bridges Cooperative (More Green Coffee Beans)

Owing to the absolutely deafening response to my recent post about green coffee beans, here's another coffee themed post.

A trip to Santa Cruz Last weekend took us to Seven Bridges Cooperative. They specialize in Home Brewing Supplies, and home coffee roasting. For now, our current beer brewing plans are dormant, but our coffee roasting and brewing is at a high boil. After a quick browse, we became the proud owners of a green bean sampler pack. Ten half pound bags of green beans for the magical price of $26.50. A great deal for great coffee, and a great way to sample a large variety of beans.

The poor economy has lead to the closing of hundreds of poorly performing Starbucks. When times improve, don't return to the cold embrace. Stay home, roast your own coffee, and use all that extra money to spend more quality evenings at the Olive Garden.

Seven Bridges Cooperative
325A River Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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