Monday, October 13, 2008

Tacos Alonzo

After the other day's Asian Food conference, mentioned briefly in the previous post, I was having a mild blogger identity crisis. You see, the whole thing while fun, was this odd professional schmoozing event where I don't really belong. The flavors were a nice treat, but a tad soulless. No disrespect to any of the presenters as it was still a nice event, but it was a lot of name dropping, book signing, and networking. I was left yearning for the street, and the streets of Asia were far away. I did the only thing I could do. On Saturday it was back on the bike, across Oakland, to the taco trucks.


After happily snapping photos of my tacos and a taco truck, a young man approached us and nervously asked if everything was all right. Everything was more than alright. Everything was excellent. We had just eaten at Tacos Alonzo.

Tacos Alonzo was the first taco truck we ate at in Oakland, and after a couple of visits, it is still our favorite.

Tacos Alonzo sits on a triangular piece of land in the parking lot of a liquor store. Even if you have no friends, remember there is always alcohol. At U and I Liquors you always have a friend. At least until 12:30 AM that is...

I really like the owner of Tacos Alonzo. A big bear of a man, his deep voice gushes with warmth, and his clear speech whether in English or Spanish is a joy to hear. It's also apparent that behind the grill, he is a very competent man indeed.

E ordered a veggie burrito. A very good choice I might add. This is probably my favorite burrito around.

A very nice touch is the pickled vegetables and the grilled onion and pepper. Reason enough for a visit.

You'd be happy too.

I was in the mood for tacos, and it just so happened that Tacos Alonzo seems to specialize in Tripa or tripe, so I ordered three tacos de tripa.

Beautiful, just beautiful. The tripa was rich and just a little crispy. It was a great compliment to the delicious tortillas. I make fresh tortillas at least once a week, but I don't usually have fresh tripa to put on top. Nothing finer on a tortilla than a little greasy, salty meat. Pickled vegetables, roasted pepper, and onion, with plenty of lime and salsita reduced me to general incoherence. I don't have the eloquence to accurately describe how good this place is so I will stop.


In Monty Python's film The Meaning of Life, a boardroom full of stuffy men in business suits are called upon to present their findings on their study of the meaning of life. Their research led them to the declaration: "People should be wearing more hats." Seems like as good a statement as any. Of course, if you follow any of the world's vicious and despicable religions, you might disagree and refer to some psychotic mortal's teaching as the Divine word from above. Joesph Smith anyone? With this paedophile and huckster in mind I feel equally qualified to offer my own words: People should be eating more tacos! You can do so at Tacos Alonzo. Who's with me?

Tacos Alonzo
2710 Foothill Blvd
Oakland, CA 94620
(510) 434-0454

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Robyn said...

We are, today. Looking forward to it. Tripe tacos, here we come!