Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday, and it's one I have rarely visited the last number of years. Regardless of its nasty association with the murder and destruction of the original American population, Thanksgiving is simply a great time to see friends and family and enjoy a meal (or three) together.

My Thanksgiving was spent in my home state of Oregon where I was able to see some old friends.


It was really quite lovely to see everyone.

The food was also quite nice. My mother baked her ultra traditional Thanksgiving Challah bread. No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without it.

It is a real highlight for me. It's good fresh and leftover as toast, French toast, or even as a sandwich.

There was turkey. Both wild...

and domesticated.

There were mashed potatoes

cranberry sauce,

roasted vegetables,

a child's nightmare, otherwise known as Brussel sprouts

plus a lot more. I got tired of taking pictures in poor lighting, so I put my camera away and visited with family and friends, old and new.

If that's not something to be Thankful for, I don't know what is.

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Robert H said...

That is a respectable Challah bread.
I'm hungry now.