Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cheap Breakfast

If you've followed this blog for a while, you will likely have noticed the slow progression from street food to the trend toward kitchen creations. This isn't the direction I had wanted to go in, but time and again I have run into both my underemployment, the general cost of things, and the huge difference in price between eating in and eating out. After a number of years overseas, I guess I had forgotten about the very big difference. After mediocre breakfasts costing upwards of twenty dollars for two, or coffee and pastries for around ten, I've had to just mostly give up. I roast coffee, brew beer, bake desserts and entertain. What else is there really?

As a response to the previous post here's breakfast from the other morning.

Polenta and an egg on top. Easy schmeazy! Boil polenta with stock from the left over veg trimming from the week. Top with fried egg and a little cheese. If you've thought ahead, you've roasted coffee and your breakfast is perfect. Steal a piece of fruit from your neighbor's tree and you've entered the realm of the gourmet.

Total cost? Maybe a dollar. Now you can afford your medications. Maybe.


Robert H said...

Only if you get your meds at Walmart!

a said...

their tall cans cheap there?

Erica said...

Made this for dinner last night...YUM!! Scooped it up with toasted sourdough bread too.

jane said...

in these hard economic times, you have to eat @ home more. as long as you are taking gorgeous pictures of it, does it matter that it cost $1 to make?

sunday morning i made spam musubi (fried spam marinated in aloha shoyu, sticky calrose rice, wrapped in nori - the big bite of the hawaiian islands), plopped a fried egg on top + called it gourmet breakfast.

cheap but super yums + satisfying, just ask my husbee!


a said...


that's the whole point really. Why pay over ten bucks when you can eat just as well for one!?