Sunday, April 19, 2009


Not being settled for the last number of years had meant that certain culinary adventures were either difficult or altogether impossible. One particular hobby not enjoyed for nearly five(!) years was the art of brewing. I hesitate to call it art from my level of experience, but it is a beautiful thing nonetheless.

Brewing is actually very very easy. It's up to you how fancy you want to make it. In this household, we've not ventured far from the simple path. This is for several reasons: general inexperience, the time and effort involved, and the excellent brew that can be made from the simplest ingredients.

I was going to write up a nice how-to guide until I realized that the very same home brew instructions we have, dated 2002, are still online at the brew your own website. Look hither for the very same directions that we have always followed.

One thing that I have always derived a lot of pleasure from in the DIY spirit one feels from making beer. Why pay top dollar for very nice beer when for an afternoon's rather enjoyable work, you can have a couple of cases of equally delicious and cheaper beer? To make forty something beers can cost as little as thirty bucks.

Once our beer was finished fermenting, we needed to bottle it. Our bottles are a collection of empties from our house. The easiest way to collect empties is to simply have a party at your home. If any of your friends have expensive taste, you might get a snazzy bottle or two.

I'm a rather large fan of bottles with their own reusable caps. Some wines and fancy beers sport these type of devices. If you have guests or attend a party these are the kind of bottles I like to break out.

We also came into some Red Stripe bottles right before brewing. I like the feel of these type of bottles so I knew we had to use them. This also gave me an idea for a name for our beer. Seeing as our beer is somewhat darker than Red Stripe beer, I decided that the perfect name for our brew would be Brown Stripe!

After a long day of menial work, or maybe for a festive occasion, there's nothing like reaching into the refrigerator and pouring a nice tall glass of Brown Stripe.

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