Monday, April 6, 2009

The Joy of Pie

I baked a delicious strawberry pie this weekend and got to thinking. With this pie and many other creations, all I ever need is the trusty Joy of Cooking. Honestly, there's little else I need. I often turn to the internet for little details here and there, but for the most part, I either make things up as I go or I use the Joy. Now I know many of my blogging peers might call me crazy, but I have little need for most cookbooks.  Am I nuts?
It might have been even better had I not dropped the entire bowl of freshly whipped cream on the living room floor. Oh well, the pie was great without it.


Vivien said...

Looks good

Jan said...

I assume you didn't use the "fresh" Carlsbad strawberries!

jane said...

Your mom might have been even better had you not dropped the entire bowl of freshly whipped cream on the living room floor! Wow, that sounds dirty huh? Well you are the one whipping cream in the living room! Don't you judge me! :-P

ps. I cannot believe you didn't mention THE most amazing Gumbo I have ever tasted on your fancy ass blog just because you didn't have your camera on hand. V-A-I-N!

xo jane

a said...

Yeah, it was!

Ahem. no.

Gumbo? Gosh, what I remember is hazy indeed. A bottle of cough syrup, a handfull of pills, a man in a clown suit, a dark alley. The mind can play tricks. Without incontrovertible evidence, I can never really be sure of what really transpires. Maybe you can undersatand why I keep the camera close by.

Careful now, my mother reads this.