Thursday, June 25, 2009

Golden Boy Pizza

As a rule, I mostly avoid everything in North Beach in San Francisco. It's a strange strip where busloads of tourists go, to sit at a side walk cafe, gawk at movie extra Italians and eat some incredibly mediocre food. Anyhow, I ask my friends and co-workers before I set foot in any establishment in the area. Golden Boy Pizza is the place I was recommended, so I want to point there as well.

Golden Boy feels dirty, friendly and unpretentious. I struck up a conversation with the women next to me at the counter seating, and the guy behind the counter. I sheepishly pulled out my camera and everyone was super excited, which was a surprise. Maybe being off Columbus street proper decreases the influx of tourists.

The honest truth is that I was unmoved by their cheese slices. "Is this it?" I asked myself when the slice arrived and after my first bite. Well, at least it's pretty cheap.

But really, the reason i was there was for the garlic and clam pizza. Covered in loads of parsley, garlic and clam, this slice will kick you in the complacent pants.
While I won't call it an absolute must or really fantastic pizza, it is a very nice and somewhat unique combo that I will happily eat again on my way to and from work. If you're in North Beach, give it a shot.

542 Green Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 982-9738


Tamagosan said...

Feelings re: North Beach understood. But if I could read at City Lights and eat the eggplant foccacia at Mario's forever and ever.

a said...

Hmm. Never been to Mario's. you ever go to liguria bakery?

Robyn said...

I love Molinari's deli. It's a 'real' spot in North Beach and one of their sandwiches makes for a nice picnic in the park nearby.

a said...

yeah, molinari's is pretty great. a bit rude though...