Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Thanksgiving

This year's thanksgiving plate
looked almost exactly like last year's. Spooky.

I might have had very little of interest to report this year if it hadn't been for a couple of guests. Two Taiwanese women came along and brought with them a taste of home. One of them brought a fried chicken dish that was described to me as a street snack, and the other brought black jelly. The name escapes me but it was almost exactly the same as Chao Kuay from Thailand. Blogged here and here.

I can speak from experience when I say that Thanksgiving becomes irrelevant without the friends, family, and food of our common history and geography. Overseas, the big day has at times been spent over a special meal, but never with turkey and stuffing. I don't really much care for it out of its context. But this isn't to say I am a fundamentalist when it comes to this holiday. As America is a nation of immigrants, our population continues to diversify, so do our traditions. While there was certainly the turkey and stuffing this year, many families often have other unique items from their respective family histories. I've never met another person who enjoys homemade Challah at the table on Thanksgiving. Our guests' contributions were in the spirit of our ever evolving cultural tradition.

The black jelly looks rather nice with my plate of wonderful homemade desserts. That's apple pie, cranberry cheesecake, cranberry upside down cake, and pumpkin pie by the way.
While I'm unlikely to try my hand at this black jelly next year, if the same guests are present, I just might look forward to it.

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