Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chilaquiles at Cafe Siena

No trip home to Eugene Oregon would be complete without a trip to Cafe Siena. Cafe Siena is an excellent little cafe next to the University of Oregon campus that serves up Mexican inspired breakfast as well as crepes and Northwest inspired fare.

As much as I like Cafe Siena, there's really only one thing that keeps me coming back: The chilaquiles.
Anyone familiar with Mexican chilaquiles or even their very similar Tex Mex cousin knows the basis for the dish is leftover tortillas. Well, these chilaquiles are a very unusual masa casserole, baked all together and served up like you might serve lasagna. As unorthodox as it is, it's a rich delicious meal great after a night of drinking, and still great after a night of not drinking. Either way, a rich and spicy plate served up with a cup of coffee is one of my very favorite breakfasts in the world

Unique take on the classic dish, or simply a less common style? Maybe someone out there knows, or maybe I just need to do some more research.

I'm already looking forward to my next trip home.

Cafe Siena
853 East 13th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401-3706
(541) 344-0300


Erica said...

Yum!! These are Ben's favorite too...I prefer the ham and cheese crepes with a side of crack in a cup from Roma :)

a said...

i took about half a dozen sips and realized that maybe uppers aren't for me. who knew?

Unknown said...

oh am I ever craving these chilaquiles! I cannot for the life of me find a recipe for them made this way! If anyone knows how to make them like this, please post it here... Please!