Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Healthcare For All


The role of organized religion in American society is a touchy subject when you are supposed to have a separation of church and state. Unfortunately things are not always so cut and dry and religion does enter politics rather frequently. Last November some of our good(?) state's churches stepped in and did their part to help keep other citizens from marrying in California. Imagine: people so put off by other peoples' lives and loves that they fought to keep them from being recognized by the state and enjoying the same rights as themselves.

And now we have health care. I walked by The First Congregational Church of Oakland and stopped dead in my tracks. Maybe I've cynically come to expect the opposite but here was a church with a plain and simple message of inclusion that I'm stupefied isn't more commonly displayed. At present an overwhelming majority of Americans identify themselves as Christian. To see America, the richest and most powerful "Christian" nation fighting over whether all of her citizens should have equal, and yes universal health care seems to suggest many of our Christians still have a thing or two to learn about living a Christ like life.

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