Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mushroom Hunting

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take part in an outing to pick chanterelles. It may have been late in the season, but boy did we do well. I took a lot of photos so I'll only give you the condensed version here.
You could add this post to the reasons to live in Northern California file. Mushrooms are delicious, expensive, and not too tough to find if you know what you are doing.

Of coure, you need to be careful. There are a lot of innedible and downright nasty varieties.
Really, I mostly just looked, as I think mushrooms are beautiful.
But it's not only about the mushrooms.
Spring is here and the meaningless of life seems like a distant concern. The trees are blossoming and life seems not so bad.

We heard a lot of frogs, and even saw this one. Beautiful.

But I suppose most of you are interested in mushrooms.
We found a lot.
This wasn't all of them.
My haul was considerable. Here they are resting. Some are missing as they havealready been cleaned and chopped.
I didn't do anything fancy with my mushrooms. I just sauteed them and added them to pasta with cream, asisgo and prosciutto. No complaints.
The next morning it was eggs with chantrelles and proschuto. That night risotto. Tomorrow, it's savory crepes. I just might tire of these beauties. Probably not though.

For a look at the whole set, go here.


Robyn said...

Utterly jealous. After being told that chanterelles are sth like 50 cents a kilo in Luang Prabang during rainy season I'm almost considering a trip back.

a said...

I could show you a very good spot here. But thereafter, I just might have to kill you. Well, maybe not. Some people sure are protective and crazy about their secret spots.