Monday, March 29, 2010

Passion Fruit in Oakland

I spent a bit of my day today at the Lake Merritt Gardens as I often do on Mondays. It's been beautiful lately and the flowers are out in full force. When I'm not eating tacos or thinking about the end of the world, you just might find me taking pictures of flowers. Strange, I know. To get an idea of what I'm talking about, go here. While I don't necessarily encourage you to go to the gardens for all your fruit and herb needs, there is an amazing amount of stuff there. Come at the right time and you just might get yourself something, just don't tell anyone I told you.

Today, the biggest surprise was what I spotted on a fence, growing like a weed.
Actually, I thought it was just an inedible wild cucumber. However, I was curious so I cracked one open to learn that it was in fact a passion fruit. Now, I've lived in the Bay Area for close to two years now, and after much searching, this is the very first edible passion fruit I've come across. I've found ornamental seedless varieties, but this was the real thing.
I picked another and took it home. Upon cutting it open I was very pleased to see that it was completely full of the delicious fruit.
I considered a smoothie, juice, or a cocktail, but decided a simple fruit and yogurt combination was best.
Beautiful, but only one problem: a rather tart passion fruit atop plain yogurt needed a little something sweet. I looked in the fridge and procured an agave maple syrup blend. Perfect.
Get yourself down to the Gardens at Lake Merritt. While you might not find any of these passion fruit on your visit, I can assure you that these pleasant gardens are the real reason to visit.

666 Bellevue Ave
Oakland, CA 94610

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