Sunday, April 4, 2010

Accidental Easter Brunch

Friends visiting from out of town provided an excellent opportunity for brunch. Also, the awful weather made for a great excuse to sit around and eat delicious food and drink freshly roasted coffee. It just so happened to be Easter, but that was merely a coincidence. We only briefly discussed the little problems that the catholic church is currently facing. If it wasn't so gut wrenchingly disgusting, I just might laugh about it. But the thousands of molestations and the subsequent cover ups leading all the way to Pope Benedict is no laughing matter. Where was I? Oh, brunch. We celebrated the resurrection with potato salad and aebleskivers.

I have inherited this bizarre ritual of making aebleskivers on Jesus holidays. When I was a kid my dad would make us our yearly batch on Christmas. I don't much care for Christmas but damn do I ever love aebleskivers! I recently came into a second pan, so it was easy to quickly make a batch for a group of diners.
A well greased pan and a technique involving a chopstick and you've got yourself some perfect dough balls. Well, maybe not perfect, but you get the idea.
You can fill them with jam, but I've never done this. I recommend powdered sugar and lemon juice. Strawberries, honey, and or jam on the side doesn't hurt either.
I'm falling behind. I've just dedicated a few tens of minutes to Easter but not yet completed my post on Passover. Stay Tuned! And if my little jibes at Catholicism have offended you, I'm not sorry.

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