Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tasty Salty Pig Parts at Boccalone

After nearly two years of mostly ignoring the Ferry Building in San Francisco, I've finally decided I can't do this any longer. My reasons mostly have to do with not being easily lured by such expensive and or famous locations, which I admit is ridiculous in some ways. At the end of the way, I'd rather be in a more unassuming place: in a gutter, at a market, or maybe a taco truck. However, there's some really special stuff at the Ferry Building, and for a special occasion, it just makes sense.

Some friends were in town and we hit the Ferry Building on a Monday at about midday. As always it was filled with camera toting tourists and business people on lunch. I immediately headed for Blue Bottle Coffee. I needed to be heavily medicated if I was going to be able to handle this scene. Breathe...

I picked up an olive roll at Acme Bread Company and quickly devoured it. Foolish. Next we went for some Tasty Salty Pig Parts at Boccalone. Boccalone is an excellent shop specializing in artisan cured meats.

My friends opted for a platter of meat. I admit it, I'm not entirely certain of the meats I'm looking at. A little help here guys:
As I had only myself to feed, I opted for a cone of meat. Think a snow cone but instead of ice and purple flavor, you get meat. Delicious, artisan cured meat.
It was like an acid trip at the circus or maybe a verse out of a Robyn Hitchcock song. However, there was nothing scary about this. Meat-cone has now entered my vocabulary.

My advice to you is to get over to Acme bread, buy some of their excellent bread (rosemary rolls, olive rolls, etc.) and get you and a couple of friends a platter of artisan cured meats at Boccalone. If you are alone and lonely, there's always the meat-cone.

1 Ferry Bldg
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 433-6500


julie said...

The platter looks like it has salami, pancetta or bacon, and ham/prosciutto. On top of your cone it looks like lomo, which is pork fillet cured Spanish-style with smoked paprika. Not bad at all.

Erica said...

If memory serves me correctly, we had orange and wild fennel salami, prosciutto cotto and pancetta. I think you had the mortadella, prosciutto cotto and capocollo. We also sampled that spreadable salami...yum!!