Friday, September 10, 2010

Club Sandwich. I'll Pass on Membership.

I said goodbye to my endless summer the other week the only way I know how: with food and drink. The hottest day of the year called for a meal in Dolores Park.
The club sandwich from Claire's Deli is not for me. Especially not on a 90 plus degree day. Too many meats, too salty, and on this one, way too much mayo.  The beer tasted good at first but only added to my dehydration on this hottest of days.

I don't have a history of eating this type of calorie bomb. It was big and rich enough for two eaters. At seven dollars for a hefty club sandwich, you do have a cheap meal for two. But how many people actually do this?

I'm getting interested in sandwiches. Correction: I'm getting interested in the glut of sandwiches in the area but lack knowledge on the subject. Every little market advertises them, but are they any good? There are lots of "famous" sandwiches in the area, but what of your average sandwich in a run of the mill corner store? I'm all ears.

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