Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to Make a Basiltini

It was only two weeks ago, when the weather was hot and the days in San Francisco beautiful that I wrote: Sunday is a great day for a Basiltini, but then again, so is just about any other day with pleasant weather. If you're familiar with this drink, stop reading now and go outside. Stop wasting your life in front of the computer. The rest of you, let me tell you about the basiltini.

I first had something like this back in the mid 2000s somewhere in Portland, Oregon that no longer exists. But come to think of it, it's a boring story. Never mind.
At present, there's supposedly a new golden age of cocktails in the world. Or maybe there is in America. Or maybe just in the ivory tower of San Francisco. Maybe you can get something like this in one of the many overpriced cocktail bars somewhere near you. You know the places: hip, expensive, places to see and be seen. Conversely, you could just buy the necessary ingredients and dance with the speeding freight train that is alcoholism in the comfort of your own home.  At least you don't need to put pants on as you'll be the master of your own domain.

To make a basiltini you will need:
cocktail shaker

This recipe makes two cocktails.

1. Place a good handful of basil in your shaker.
2. Add a teaspoon of sugar. I like to do this as it aids the next step.
3. Muddle the hell out of your simple mixture.
4. Add the juice of one lemon.
5. Add a handful of ice cubes
6. Add 4 oz of vodka
7. Shake.
8. Pour.
9. slur
This is my attempt at a recipe for something I usually eyeball. This basiltini, if I'm making it, will put you on your backside if you are not careful. Drink one, or maybe two. Three you just might regret. Headaches follow.

If you've done this right, the drink will take on a delightful green color. Do it wrong and you will feel like a failure. This isn't rocket science. Happy drinking.


nicklally said...

you should invite me over for a basiltini sometime. basil season is waning.

Reed Davaz McGowan said...

i love basil (especially in sweet things). how you doing? living in SF? i saw your page connected to nick's.

a said...

Hey Reed!
Doin just fine. SF is a bit too smug for me, but seeing that the rest of the country is going bonkers, I'll take it. How are you?