Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thai Food in January

I recently made a couple of rather important purchases which were a long time coming. First I got my hands on a massive stone mortar and pestle from Thailand. Second, I picked up a great Thai cookbook: David Thompson's Thai Food.

I've been putting off any serious Thai cooking for far too long, so I'm dedicating January to Thai cooking. I don't expect it to be very easy, and I just might throw in the towel before I get very far. But if all goes well, I'll make something out of David Thompson's excellent book each and every day this month.
For a taste of what's to come, here's green curry with wild boar enjoyed this very afternoon. The recipe comes from here, so you can give it a shot if you're so inclined. This was only the second time I've made curry from scratch, but the results were excellent. If you can find the ingredietns and have the patience, it is definitely worth the effort. Stay tuned.

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