Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Homemade Birthday Tacos, Simplicity

Chatting with a friend last week, the topic turned to food as it often does. I think I said something about getting a quick bowl of noodles or some other cheap fare on my way home. She commented how funny it was that I was this super cheap foodie type. As much as I don't like the word foodie, this was not an insult by the way. I took it as a statement of principles really. I like food. I like eating food. I like talking about food. And I like for my food to be no big deal. Not too expensive, accessible to a wide variety of people. All too often food is a fashion accessory in this town. The intersection of cost, fad, and fancy all too often cause me to lose any and all interest. So when I had a little party to celebrate my recent birthday, I tried to keep things simple.

A couple of kind helpers and I made a beautiful taco meal for a large group of people. I made the tortillas from scratch, a friend educated me on the art of salsa making, and we grilled up some fine carne asada. A few simple condiments and they were damn near perfect. No fancy and or expensive restaurants for us. A plate of tacos (or three) and some home made michealadas was all we needed.
IMG_0815.2.jpg IMG_0818.JPG
If there was a restaurant that did it like this, at a price we wanted, at a comfort level we liked, with the capacity we needed, we just might go out. I assure you there is no such place and furthermore, not to brag, there are few places that could do it as well as this. Just sayin'.

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