Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chocolate Stand

If there is one thing I know, it is that the mundane experiences of life are the ones I hold onto and cherish. These days, before heading to my breakfast, I try and swing by my favorite chocolate and coffee stand to grab a fresh foamy cup of chocolate, share a little conversation, and simply watch the world go by.
Behind me, men are selling turkeys and chickens on the ground, women are selling tamales out of baskets and a variety of chiles, fruits and vegetables are displayed in small piles for the daily shoppers of this small Zapotec town of Teotitlan del Valle. If I could I would pause these minutes just about forever. However, the universe is indifferent to such childish wishes and the days continue much as they always have and will until the whole mess collapses in on itself. I finish my cup, head into the market for a little of this or that then head to my breakfast where I am fed well, but it can't match the ten minutes I spend over a cup of chocolate.

More to come.

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