Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LA Rants; Food

I'm guilty of the rather banal sin of speaking ill of the city of Los Angeles. I mean, with such a huge and slow moving target reeking of all that is wrong with America's relationship with the automobile and the type of development it has encouraged is the lazy person's line of reasoning. That was once me and that person is now dead. Maybe only on the inside but that perspective is, well, boring. Yes, LA is a beast of a place best left only really explored with a local who knows how to get around. So that's what I did last month and frankly I can't wait to get back.
LA provides an interesting contrast to say, a city like San Francisco. San Francisco provides a good counterexample of what is wrong with LA. San Francisco is walkable, bikable, livable, beautiful, (insert hyperbole here). However its small size and attractiveness means that everyone wants to be here and it's very very expensive. So expensive in fact that the second floor flat I live at and share with five other people is worth something around a million dollars. "Affordable" rent only exists for us only due to the blessing of rent control. Some day in the future the current or future owner could feasibly kick us out and with that might mean the end of my tenure in this fine city.  But I'm getting a little side tracked here. The point is that people are pretty smug about their little slice of heaven in San Francisco while being rather disdainful of those who would choose to live elsewhere, such as in the stinking behemoth of LA. But on each and every visit to LA I find the cost of things lower, the immigrant communities more vibrant, and the food more accessible and even better. It just comes with a larger slice of dystopia.

My photos don't tell much of a story and I like it that way.I know very little about LA, but what I do know is that I am always able to eat very well on each and every visit.
Chilaquiles are always great at Tacos Delta in Silverlake.

Tacos Delta
3806 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Driving around, as one does in LA, we came across a Thai sweets shop. no joke. What else did they have but the seemingly rare kanom krok. I was captivated as always.
We sampled a number of hard to find Thai sweets that I've not had in a few years. I was impressed.

Thong Lo
1100 N Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

And of course, there were taco trucks. Everywhere. We needed only walk to the closest truck in the neighborhood I was staying. They had a lovely pastor spit right inside. Impressive.
Great tacos for a buck a piece and I was left thinking about how effortlessly I was able to eat well in LA. This is the kind of eating that made me a food blogger: food right in front of me; ever present, everyday. We didn't exactly plan on any of this stuff, we simply came upon it and stopped for a bite. We didn't brave lines or pay top dollar in the endless pursuit of in-fashion foods. LA provided these few bites and more, and really, it was no big deal.